Flip Off Seals

Widely used as caps for vials of different sizes, our impressive range of flip-off seals are our another range of excellent products. Made with utmost care and following the best of manufacturing process, our flip-off seals enable product maintain their rich medicinal properties as well as their odor as at the time of packaging. These seals are easily openable with a gentle press with a thumb and makes a flipping sound, so they are called flip-off seals.  Besides standard industry sizes as well as flip-down style, we deliver them in client-specific size too.

Size available:

  • 13mm
  • 20mm
  • 32mm

Aluminium Vial Seal

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Aluminium Vial Seals, the complete solution for bottle sealing. These seals are been made with aluminium sheets of tear-able quality. Our range of Aluminium Vial Seals is widely used in pharmaceutical industry for closing bottle mouth of plastic or glass bottle. We hold expertise in manufacturing customized aluminium seals that meet client’s diverse requirements.

Size available:

  • 13mm
  • 14mm
  • 15mm
  • 20mm Tear off
  • 20 mm Tear down

Pharmaceutical Measuring Cups

A great product for measuring quantity of liquid products such as syrups, chemicals and so on, measuring cups are one of the essential products regularly required in industries like pharmaceutical and chemical.

Be it a regular size or a size required as per certain specification, we manufacture measuring cups to suit all needs. Further customisation of colour and look could also be done to match you brand, packaging and other concepts.

Size Available:

  • 22 mm X 10 ml
  • 25 mm X 5 ml
  • 25 mm X 10 ml
  • 25 mm X 15 ml
  • 28 mm X 10 ml
  • 30 mm X 10 ml

Plastic Dropper Bottle

Ensured of proper neck and leak-proof quality, thanks to Injection Blow Mould or IBM machine, our plastic dropper bottles always remain in demand in our valued customers. The caps or bottles too carefully made completely temper-proof. The bottles come with a dropper outlet enabling seamless and easy dropping of liquid.

Bottle caps are also temper proof to make secure bottles. The bottles are provided with a dropper outlet to enable easy and proper dropping of the medicine.

Made from the best raw materials in a vigilant facility under supervision of quality controllers. we can provide dropper bottle with BARC Gamma sterile or Ethylene Oxide Gas (ETO)  sterile as per customer requirement. 

Available in standard as well as tailor-made sizes to suit your need.

Size Available:

  • 03 ml
  • 05 ml
  • 10 ml
  • 15 ml
  • 20 ml /25 ml
  • 30 ml
  • 50 ml
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Pharmaceutical Spoons & Scoops

Just like its sibling measuring cups, measuring spoons are used to measure quantity of amount of various medicinal and chemical liquids and powders.

Our range of measuring cups provide almost all kinds of conceivable customization including size, colour, material and so on. What’s more, they can be made in different colour so that they sync in style and attitude with your branding.

Do ask us for more details and we would be glad to provide you the same!

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Ear/eye Dropper

Manufactured with high-grade raw materials, our eye and ear droppers works wonderfully and flawlessly and lasts long.

To maintain complete hygiene and safety, we sterile our eye and ear droppers with BARC Gamma and Ethylene Oxide Gas or ETO ensuring perfectly hygienic and top-class products.

Ideal for all kinds of eye and ear drop products, they can be customized as per your specifications.

Pharmaceutical Dropper Assembly

Assembly droppers in an essential product mainly for the pharmaceutical industry. We take pride in the fact our assembly droppers are considered among the best by leading pharmaceutical companies. For, our assembly droppers are carefully manufactured meeting global standards. We offer customized options of them to suit every client’s needs. Besides, they are completely safe, bacteria-free and hygienic.

Options of size, colours and caps are available with us as per client’s needs. Delivery can be made in individual polybag or in bulk, and with an assurance of hygienic, dust-free nature of products.

Size Available:

  • 22 mm X 62 mm (DMD)
  • 22 mm X 62 mm (Ten Marking)
  • 22 mm X 64 mm
  • 25mm X 62 mm (DMD)
  • 25 mm X 62 mm (Ten Marking)
  • 25 mm X 75 mm
  • 22 mm X 75 mm
  • 25 mm X 90 mm
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